The Richardson Center for Global ENGAGEMENT


The Center fulfills this mission by:

  1. Negotiating for the release of prisoners and hostages held by hostile regimes or criminal organizations;
  2. Promoting communication between countries with strained diplomatic relations, through diplomacy, cultural, business and athletic exchange and activities;
  3. Providing training and institutional advice to governments and non-governmental organizations in countries transitioning to democracy;
  4. Providing training and institutional advice to governments and non-governmental organizations in countries seeking to protect their environment and wildlife resources;
  5. Providing logistical support in securing and delivering humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations.


North Korea

Today, the relationship between the United States and North Korea are at a low ebb. The task of persuading a deeply suspicious regime to abandon its nuclear program for improved relations remains unfulfilled. Richardson, with his long record of diplomacy in the region, is uniquely positioned to help make progress in this critical region. On his most recent trip, when the North and South were on the brink of war, Richardson was widely credited for contributing to reducing tensions and helping avoid a major conflict. The Richardson Center is developing a specific action plan to engage in this region to break through the ongoing tension and establish better and more stable relations.

Negotiating Prisoner Releases

Bill Richardson has repeatedly and successfully negotiated the release of international hostages, American servicemen and prisoners in rogue nations around the world. As recognition for his diplomatic work, Richardson has been nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Richardson Center takes advantage of the extensive relationships and contacts around the world to aggressively pursue the safe and humanitarian release of people throughout the world, including journalists, prisoners of conscience and others who are unfairly detained.

Latin America

In January 2011, Bill Richardson was named Special Envoy for the Organization of American States, adding a visible platform for the Richardson Center to pursue initiatives to promote peace and reconciliation in the Western Hemisphere and encourage dialogue among Latin American countries. The Richardson Center builds on Richardson’s longtime efforts to engage with Cuba as it undergoes significant changes important to the United States and Latin America. The Center also explores opportunities for improved relations throughout Latin America, including education exchanges and other soft diplomacy initiatives.

Middle East

The Richardson Center looks to reengage significant regional actors to bring increased stability to the region and progress American foreign policy interests, by encouraging these countries to strengthen ties with each other and foster democratic growth. The Generational Ambassadors Program (now the "Innovation-Generation Program", with its annual conferences is the center's flagship initiative in the region. The young leaders selected represent a global generation's hope of for freedom, equal opportunities and social and economic prosperity. The program's thematic conferences are designed to increase a sense of kinship, promote a complex perspective on the regional actors, and drive sustainable collaboration.

Richardson Diplomacy

Throughout a distinguished career as Congressman, UN Ambassador, Energy Secretary and Governor, Richardson has developed an exceptional international reputation, an extensive network of personal contacts and enormous global experience. He has successfully completed sensitive diplomatic missions in countries such as North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Cuba, Burma, Congo and Colombia.

Families, organizations and world leaders regularly seek out Richardson for help because of his unique experience. He has secured prisoner releases and mediated international conflicts in both official and non-official capacities. He has been a representative of the U.S. government and has served as an unofficial envoy with no ties to any government. Richardson has a proven track record of negotiating with and earning the trust of international leaders. Richardson has succeeded in areas of the world where others refuse to negotiate.

The Richardson Center is a non-profit corporation, 501c3, established to provide the policy and logistical support to Richardson as he continues to promote international peace and dialogue and engage directly with foreign leaders, governments and regimes.

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